Due to water contamination…

Water contamination is the enemy of any diesel fuel injection component. “It is therefore vitally important that water in the fuel system is detected as early as possible”.

The smallest amount of water contamination is disastrous for fuel injection equipment, causing rapid wear, corrosion and sometimes seizure to fuel injection components of vehicles, therefore early detection saves many thousands of dollars in repair bills, as well lessening engine and vehicle down times.

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Gold Coast Diesel Specialist has worked hard to achieve their place in the market as a reputable business, striving on customer service and technical expertise. They are equipped to take a fuel injection problem right through from diagnosis to fully repaired and serviced components.

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Gold Coast Diesel Specialist takes great pride in solving customers problems, and after many customers asking if there was anyway to quickly stop damage to the fuel injection equipment of their vehicles due to water contamination. Water contamination is the evil of any diesel fuel injection component.