Common Rail System & Rail Injector Testing

Common Rail System and Injector Testing

Common rail diesel injector testing is a crucial aspect of maintaining and diagnosing issues with diesel engines. Testing the injectors helps ensure they are functioning correctly and delivering the right amount of fuel at the required pressure.

These tests are performed using specialized diagnostic equipment and require knowledge and experience in diesel engine maintenance. They can help identify issues with individual injectors and guide the necessary repairs or replacements to ensure optimal engine performance.

Using the BOSCH EPS205 Common rail injector testing machine we can accurately determine what the injector is doing.

1. Injector Balance Test: This test compares the fuel flow rate of each injector to ensure they are delivering a similar amount of fuel. Any significant deviation may indicate a problem with a particular injector.

2. Leak-off Test: This test checks for any fuel leaks from the injector. By monitoring the amount of fuel returned through the leak-offline, technicians can identify potential issues such as worn seals or faulty injectors.

3. Back Leakage Test: This test measures the amount of fuel leaking back from the injector when it is closed. Excessive back leakage can indicate injector wear or damage.

4. Electrical Testing: Electrical testing involves checking the injector’s electrical signals, such as voltage and resistance, to ensure the proper functioning of the injector solenoid.

The report is nice and easy to read with the following values available:
Leak test
Idle test
Full throttle test
Emissions test
Pre injection test
Electrical test on Piezo injectors